Sunday, June 14, 2009

True life: I'm the worst blogger.

Well hello long lost friend! How have you been? I've been great!

Seriously, judging by my post count alone, I knew I wasn't meant to be a true all-the-time blogger. But 4 months is a bit excessive on my part. As Matt Wertz sings, "I'm falling (fell) off the face of the earth".

Tons has happened since January in the hockey world. I know I can't cover everything from the Sabres demise to the Stanley Cup Finals, so no trying there. I do know that at the beginning of the Finals, I was not interested in the Red Wings and Penguins playing again. I wasn't all that into playoffs this year, maybe because of the Sabres, maybe because of all my school things, who knows. I'm really not a Detroit fan even with their skill, and I've never been a huge fan of Pittsburgh (though if I wanted someone to win, it was them). But game 6 of the finals turned things around, and we know how it goes from there.

So now, I think that somewhere, hockey got pushed to the back burner. After going to a campus activities conference in Nashville in February, my involvement at school has gotten crazy. Everyone knows how much I love music and I now am the Nitelife Coordinator - booking the bands and musicians for campus. Somehow after that I also became the Spring Event Chair, which means I run/oversee the planning for the big event on campus; last year was Stephen Lynch, and we've had Cartel, Lewis Black, Gavin DeGraw, Sugarcult, Adam Sandler, etc in the past. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey, but with all of that plus actual classes kind of took over.

The end of the hockey season, sadly, led me back here. Also the fact that I reduced the amount of Gmail accounts I had, and checked the account for this blog for the very first time. To everyone that emailed me, I apologize- I'm not an ignoring jerk, I swear!
Hopefully we'll get news throughout this summer to keep lil' BAGMG updated plus the awards, the draft, but if not, I still will have things to talk about. Somehow.

I'm gone for this week - SAB retreat up in the ROC until Wednesday, working merch for Tyrone Wells who's opening for Better Than Ezra at the Square (everyone should come visit and enjoy a great show!), then other odd job-y things. I'll probably be back for the draft and darft party which'll be fun. I'm working merch for a concert at Xtreme Wheels that night which means I can't enjoy the full festivities at the Albright Knox but I hope to see everyone there!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Presenting your new team!

I'm taking a break from non-stop laundry and packing (I procrastinate in almost all aspects of my life) to watch the game and to also post about this.

Chompgate is over and done with, but was not lacking in the national attention department. ESPN thought it was good enough to cover, and I guess Perez Hilton did too... albeit late but still.

The most important thing about this is not coverage, or the picture...

... but instead the fact us as the fans have been left in the dark about the team name change. Buffalos. We're going new wave by ignoring grammar rules too. Buffalo Buffalos. I like it, but next time, TPTB @ HSBC, can you let us know? It'd be muchly appreciated.

And back to the game against the Rangers. Go Sabres Buffalos!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What to do...

Let's see, how can I talk about "the bite"? Twilight reference? Already used for something else, and Amy's got it covered. Hmm. What about players acting like girls in elementary school getting in a "fight"? Dani already did that. And the puns have all been used.
Wait, I got it! Where's Jeff Finger when you need him? ... okay not as good as I thought.
Dang! It looks like I'm gonna have to have a Semin drumming-style encounter with someone to create a fun line for blogging. Or maybe not be so lazy after games. Ehh, who knows.

What I do know is that embellishment or no embellishment, biting is absolutely ridiculous. Yeah Ruutu, you may not like the friendly, everyday facewash, but biting? Really? I just can't believe that it's happened in the league, and it's obviously happened again. Peters probably should have had his hand there, but there's no reason to chomp down like it was some kind of awesome treat or something. We'll have to see what happens, if anything... the fun of the NHL!
It seems like there's gonna be a hearing held by the league for good ol' Sharkko.

Though, I have to say, the rest of the Sens look concerned about poor Petey. Now they won't get their texts back as fast, oh no!

Oh right. The game. I expected the Sabres to curl up and not play. Game at home, against the Sens who are in epic fail mode... etc. Despite the 32 seconds of ~Spezza~, and being outworked in the 2nd period, they held on and didn't let the Sens win the game. Miller made some great saves in the 3rd to make sure the game was staying the way it was.
And I'm declaring my love for the Ellis/Gaustad/Pominville line. Random but it's awesome. Much love to you on the first goal and your effort.
I also am glad Rivet is back. Not that it's a good thing that no one else does it, but when he's in the lineup, he makes sure that no one goes near Miller. Otherwise, they're gonna pay. The amount depends on the infraction, but I digress... when he's in the line up and we're at home? Crazy.
Let's just hope that all of the good play can continue on to Friday against the Rangers... it'll be an interesting game for sure.

So despite being a Buffalonian all my life, I have never been to Chef's. It's sad, I know... I'm not a huge Italian food person and my mom cooks almost every night, so when we go out to eat, it's usually Tully's or something of the sort. Anyway, I'm finally going there today and I'm pretty excited. I can kind of chew now after getting my teeth out, so I'm sure this is going to be fun, ha.

And, I have to go back to school early Saturday for the wonderful SAB e-board winter retreat. Everyone else comes back on Monday or Tuesday. Awesome. Seeing my mom, sister and I are going dress shopping early Saturday in the ROC, we're leaving early. Most likely, this is a so-long 'til next week... you know my posting habits now so it's all good :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Deja vu, I think.

Who knew holiday breaks were so busy? Not me evidently, as I didn't realize that different family parties every day from the 24-28 needed so much attention via cleaning, preparing and the like. I'm exhausted.

But not enough to ignore the continuing Sabres saga. Watching the Caps game was just unbelievable. Most of it has been talked about, but it was so frustrating to watch. Goose was totally right when it all relies on the players, and they had to change it themselves.

Then tonight, things were shaken up. Despite a small lull, there was actual control of the game. The guys played smarter, the players that are supposed to be our scorers scored, Ryan Miller was solid in goal, etc. What worked tonight? The traded stalls? Demotion to the 4th line? Teammates getting on each other's cases? We won't know for sure, but it was good tonight. The only thing I'm worried about, and it definitely on the mind of other people, is that it was just one effort.

It's happened before, they look great one game, mediocre the next, and then a not good one after. New starts, 2009, all that can be used as a fresh start, but I just hope that it all can continue in a positive streak. I'm never going to stop watching this team, but it's not always fun. Otherwise, I'll associate the Sabres with the Cullen family.

You know them to be pretty and mostly good, but one papercut when you're opening presents and it's just plain UGLY.
(yes, Twilight. The movie was terrible, the book wasn't really that great either, but somehow I got sucked in. goshdarn it.)

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow (I'm absolutely terrified, not as much of the procedure but the recovery...) so I'll be laid back with the blogging thing. Not like I post more than once a week but whatevs. I guess I'll enjoy watching the Boston game on painkillers, hahaha.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The newest holiday hit...

To kinda make up for my lack of posting, I wrote a little something for Christmas or Hanukkah/any other holiday around this time. Mary presents "The Buffalo Bloggers", to the tune of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town".

Oh, you better play well
You really better try
Or we'll write a post about you, that's why

The Buffalo bloggers are here in town

We're watching the games
Keeping track of the lines
And even finding out who's dressed to the nines

The Buffalo bloggers are here in town

We don't work for a paper
We don't blog for money
Some topics are pretty serious
But we sure can be funny!

So, you athletes work hard
Don't fade away
Just remember that
We'll be here to stay

The Buffalo bloggers are here in townnnNNNNnnn!

Sorry, no returns are accepted. Plus, how you could when it's gonna be like, the number 1 (add a lot of zeros) hit on the Top 40 charts? Silly people.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, which means a ton of cleaning and preparing before people come over for our annual party, and then Christmas day I'll be testing out my new camera. So stressful that it deserves a little break from BAGMG, I know! But anyway, I'm looking forward to it. Christmas is my favorite holiday for sure!

Whether Christmas or any other celebration, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's the cat's pajamas.

I can't comment on yesterday's game, as all I've seen is the replays. Instead I was at my brother's band concert... no offense to him but I'm pretty sure both sucked.

Instead of trying to get filled in about the game today, I played guitar and watched random YouTube videos and the like.

Then I ventured over to the Sabres site to catch up on stuff and saw this.

I like that Patrick Kaleta and Adam Mair are never seperated. Ever. What a true bromance right there! But honestly, how I wish I could be a part of this event, if I had $175 and was 21. For one single day, the suits and the "looks" (I'm talking to you, Ryan Miller) have made me forgive them. They're like a sweet talking ex-boyfriend sometimes...

Really though. Y'all look all sly with your fun fedoras and the like and it makes me laugh hysterically/it warms my heart. But if you lose against the Kings, I'm gonna be hurting some Buffaslugs. If they can have a fun commercial and win (sometimes), then you can too.

And in other news, Mats Sundin finished his never-ending game of eenie-meenie-miney-mo and is now a Vancouver Canuck. Woo? The Sedins, Sundin, they're gonna have fun with that!

Now I'm off to ANOTHER band concert. That's what you get when your family is too stinkin' musical, ha.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Maybe you'll rest sometimes...

... I wish I could. Except now, I can! I'm done with school for a month!!! This picture accurately represents my feelings.

Hank and Clarkie are ecstatic from way-back-when time aka last season 'cause Clarkie won it in overtime. And I'm ecstatic because I'm done with school for the semester!! Pure joy!
Granted, I'm gonna miss my friends, but November 'til now has been so disgustingly busy and filled with work that I wanted to cry. Sometimes I wonder why I'm an education major...

I did have a slight amount of free time, some of what was spent with hockey. My Student Activities Board has a "mandatory fun" outing for the executive board members. They tried to keep the winter one a secret, but nope, we knew we were headed to an Amerks game. (If you write in the email saying we'll be sitting inside watching but the ice makes it chilly, there's not much else). I fully prepared myself for a really bad game, and wasn't disappointed there (4-1, yeah).
But they played against the Iowa Chops, so we saw Drew Miller score on a breakaway 30 seconds into the game, which was fun! Also, since when is Rory Fitzpatrick affiliated with the Panthers? They announced him in the starting lineup and all I could think of was the All Star Game campaign. Since he wasn't noticeable throughout the game, that's all that I could associate him with after too.
And we got upgraded to a suite and were typical college kids inhailing all the food that was there. I also had fun explaining things to people because evidently I'm ", for all your hockey needs" and no one else knows anything. Now I really earned the name "hockey girl". Good times.

ANYWAY. Now that I'm free from the School of Education's grasp, I have time to write up posts less than 4 weeks apart from each other. I know everyone missed me. Riiiiight.
Though, I do I get to go back to work. I'm not so happy about it 'cause I hate where I work with a passion, but unfortunately I can't work as a summer school aide for double the hourly rate during the winter. Money is money I guess, but I still feel like this...

Dear Ryan Adams, I'm just as excited as you are!!
(I'm on a DRA kick so that's the reason for the picture + title.)

Oh, right. Blogging. And the Sabres. I'm not gonna try and cover everything that's happened in a month, 'cause everyone's already read about it.
I'll just say Nathan Gerbe looks much smaller on TV then in person, I'm glad we had a good game on Wednesday with the fights and the effort, and TVans is a crazy foo'. And that we're playing Toronto tonight. That's all that needs to be said.

Now I'm gonna have some homemade pizza and watch the game on our flat screen TV. Sometimes I reallllllly like being home!

PS. I can't get this song out of my head, so stinking catchy. And I finally found a whole video to rewatch the greatness, ha.